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From the Heart’s Closet
A Young Girl’s World War II Story

By Anneliese “Lee” Krauter

From the Heart's Closet This is a book which took a lifetime to tell. It spans two continents and the entire, intense period of the Second World War. It is the unbelievable life that “Lee” Krauter lived.

A seven-year-old girl, born in America, whose German parents have come to experience the dream that the Statue of Liberty promised, finds her life in tatters with the coming of war. With her father accused of being a Nazi, she, her mother and her brother attempt to hold the family together. As they experience life in an internment camp in Texas and repatriation to Germany just as bombs began to fall near the end of the war, the young girl—Anneliese—calls on the reserves of courage, ingenuity, hope and love that her remarkable parents have taught her, and survives.

But for what? The most compelling part of the book details mistreatment and betrayal as the family flees to escape being caught in the “Russian Zone.”

The scene changes as the time of conflict ends. Fear is replaced by expectation—and forgiveness. The story becomes a lively and interesting depiction of life in Post-war Germany, full of many unforgettable “characters.” Romance turns into a fairy-tale marriage with her own Joe, life on an Air Force Base causes moments of humor, and finally all of the spunky, determined family returns to a new life, full of hope in the United States. This fast-moving but tenderly told story will hold a reader’s attention to the last page, as it moves excitedly through scenes ranging from Hamburg to Hoosierdom. 327 PP.

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